Makor is a worldwide well known brand. It was founded in 1968 by Mario Ceccuzzi and Luigi Scaperrotta with a very specific goal: the manufacturing of woodworking machinery. Hence the choice to target machinery and plants for profiles and picture frames. This brings the Tuscan company located in Sinalunga (SI) to a worldwide leadership position. First Makor grew up as a single company, afterwards, with a synergy goal, Comar was established. This enterprise is specialized in metal frames and high precision working. A progressive development that especially during the Nineties sees a very successful time for Makor. A great result of the hard work previously done that allowed Makor to design and build finishing systems for any kind of profiles, for the furniture field or for architectural mouldings. In 2002 Makor decided to enlarge the enterprise welcoming Tecnolegno, located in Pesaro, increasing therefore its interest towards the panel finishing process and establishing in 2003 a new industrial group: Makor Group.


EMC Real Finishing

In December 2006, EMC moved to the new plant of 2300 m2, which became necessary as a consequence of the dramatic increase in orders. EMC has again proved to be a very dynamic company with many different projects being considered and carried out.EMC was founded in 1999 in Monterenzio (BO) and started its works in a small shed of 260 m2. It though had solid foundations in the 30-year experience of its founders, who formed at world leading companies in the sector of woodworking machines. In 2002, EMC moved to Imola and set up a new plant of 780 m2. With years passing, EMC has grown rapidly, and experience has been integrated with the work of young engineers and technicians who have contributed essential knowledge on new technologies. The product range has been widely expanded and, in addition to the machines for the small and medium sized industry, in 2005 EMC designed the top range for big companies. The main goal of EMC is to increase performance while reducing the prices of the machines in its range. In line with this objective, EMC is developing a new product range based on the application of innovative technologies and a strong product engineering.


Ventil Veneta

Ventilveneta work from different years in the ecology sector, through the realization of fittings of industrial aspiration and of demolition of polluting substances, dedicated particularly to secors: wood - mechanics - ceramics - shoes - tennaries - inactive - furnaces - paper. To such end our organization realizes a constant collision in the application of system of innovations management and of advanced technology. Currently the enterprise has developed an integrated system of innovation management of the order customer founded on the application: » of CAD system and database, in the phase of study and planning of the in demand product; » of a system of MRP type that allows an effective management of the following phase: management materials provisioning - management production - management of store - installation - assistance after sale. Thank you to her tried experience of the own technical staff in the planning and in the realization of the fitting, the society Ventilveneta it is able to guarantee the quality and the reliability of materials employees, the execution, the assemblage and the assistance in the time, the rigorous respect of the norms in environmental subject.



FINITURE srl was established at the end of the 1950’s under the name MIZAR and since then the company has produced finishing plants for painting of wood. Many satisfied customers, from all over the world, are evidence of the quality of FINITURE products. The production hall has a logistics and machinery that allows y to be flexible and fast in all stages of production. The constant attention given to technological innovation, the ability to find suitable solutions to customers’ requirements, the build quality of the plants as well as the efficient after sales service, enabled FINITURE to grow and today stands as one of the premier Italian companies in its field. FINITURE has the benefit of a testing hall where a range of FINITURE products is installed. In this factory, besides verifying new machines, tests can be made directly on pieces supplied by the customer. These distinguishing features make of Finiture a leading company in the production of equipment for painting windows and doors, furniture, chairs, tables and wood elements.



Specialization it’s our plus, and it’s a specific choice, to get sure to say to the customer: YES, WE CAN. A journey started in 1977 made of energy and determination, a daily challenge, only possible when work becomes devotion and passion like our work group: very skilled technicians. Welcome to the world of Cursal’s wood machines, expert and specialist since forty years on advising, projecting, selling and assisting our customers on automatic optimizing cross-cut, semi-automatic cross-cut and customized saws, automatic load-unload systems, dedicated accessories, with over than 3000 installations in Italy and all over the World. All Cursal’s machines are CE marked and in conformity with the Directive 2006/42/ce of May 17th 2006 Since 1987 we participate at the main exhibitions such as LIGNA in Germany, XILEXPO in Italy, EUROBOIS in France, WOODEX in Russia, FIMMA in Brasil, and many other events, where we at now cooperate with a big and confirmed selling network. We are partners of ACIMALL, an Italian association of machine builders and accessories for wood working.


CML Engineering

The characteristics distinguishing our products are favourable operating cost, high productivity and long-term accuracy of these machines. Proof ofthe above is to be found in more than 5.000 companies which have choosen our products. Furthermore our techno-commercial organization ensures continuous and constant up-dating of our machines while it assures our customers of prompt technical service Our production of automatic multi-rip saws is highly flexible as it offers some 30 different models.



Povestea Mebor de succes. Familia Mesec din Slovenia s-a ocupat cu tăierea lemnului zeci de ani. În 1982, fondatorul companiei, Boris Mesec proiectat și construit primul utilaj panglica de debitat busteni Mebor. Tot mai mulți clienți s-au convins de performanța fierastraielor Mebor și producția noastră a continuat să crească de atunci. Calitatea utilajelor oferita de compania noastra a fost recunoscuta, primind numeroase premii, cum ar fi Oamenii de afaceri din Slovenia in anul în 2011. Suntem unul dintre cei mai importanti producatori mondiali de mașini de tăiere primară a lemnului. Mebor stie cum. Continuam sa debitam busteni in propria fabrica de cherestea folosind utilajele noastre MEBOR. Acest lucru ne-a dat o experiență importantă și cel mai important, o alta viziune – ne înțelegem nevoile și problemele aparute in procesul de debitare. Echipa noastră este formată din experți din toate categoriile: proiectare, inginerie mecanică și electrică, hidraulică, siguranță și automatizare electronica. Avand peste 30 de ani de experienta , suntem capabili de a va consilia și a va ajuta să vă îmbunătățiți procesul dumneavoastra de productie. Liderul în tehnologie! Suntem mândri că ferăstraiele noastre de debitat și mașinile sunt rezultatul propriilor noastre inovații și dezvoltari. Am fost primuii care au făcut o ferăstrău orizontal de debitat complet automat. Unele dintre inovațiile noastre au avut o influență directă asupra industriei. Cercetarea și dezvoltarea de ferăstraie cu bandă orizontală ne ține departe de competitorii nostrii in ceea ce priveste inovatia. Rețeaua de service Mebor include mai mult de 20 de echipe de service calificat in intreaga lume.



Artiglio, a Company manufacturing auxiliary machines for sawmills, was established in 1946 in Limidi di Soliera, near Modena. In 1966 the current President Giancarlo Lari, who entered Artiglio as an ordinary employee in 1953 when he was very young, became together with his wife Diana, the sole owner. The management by the Lari family, who where joined in 1986 by the son Luca, marked the beginning of a new and winning “philosophy” of management and production which still characterizes the Firm of Artglio in the creation and development of its complete range of sawmills equipment. Since that time, constant hard work has allowed the Lari Family, which was continuously supported by an efficient team of skilled technicians with “hands on” training, to succed in developing modern technologies for the total control of production when compared with the other national leading companies in the field of machines for sawmills. Nowadays the trade mark Artiglio can be considered as synonymous with an assurance of quality and reliability.



Direct fieldworks to constantly upgrading our research and addressing the most appropriate solution, our dedication and commitment ... always being there and never leaving anything to chance. A lifetime of achievement and experience all over the globe … and then … our choice to face a new great challenge. BIGonDRY Ltd. was born. Our acquired know-how leads to the birth of secure, efficient and reliable plants. A continuous monitoring ensures stability and security. This allows today BIGonDRY Ltd. to be a reference point in the global market of wood treatment. And I proudly express my greatest satisfaction ... now as before we have been committing ourselves to challenges on new areas such as clothing, agro-food etc. , as well as the development of eco-friendly plants. Recycling, low power consumption, efficiency and high quality products. A fully trained and motivated professionals staff provides our customers with quality, safety and global assistance at any time.