Rolem - Respect pentru lemn

Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 1 A

Voluntari, Ilfov

Program de lucru

L-V: 10:00 - 19:00


Direct fieldworks to constantly upgrading our research and addressing the most appropriate solution, our dedication and commitment ... always being there and never leaving anything to chance. A lifetime of achievement and experience all over the globe … and then … our choice to face a new great challenge. BIGonDRY Ltd. was born. Our acquired know-how leads to the birth of secure, efficient and reliable plants. A continuous monitoring ensures stability and security. This allows today BIGonDRY Ltd. to be a reference point in the global market of wood treatment. And I proudly express my greatest satisfaction ... now as before we have been committing ourselves to challenges on new areas such as clothing, agro-food etc. , as well as the development of eco-friendly plants. Recycling, low power consumption, efficiency and high quality products. A fully trained and motivated professionals staff provides our customers with quality, safety and global assistance at any time.

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