Rolem - Respect pentru lemn

Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 1 A

Voluntari, Ilfov

Program de lucru

L-V: 10:00 - 19:00

Ventil Veneta

Ventilveneta work from different years in the ecology sector, through the realization of fittings of industrial aspiration and of demolition of polluting substances, dedicated particularly to secors: wood - mechanics - ceramics - shoes - tennaries - inactive - furnaces - paper. To such end our organization realizes a constant collision in the application of system of innovations management and of advanced technology. Currently the enterprise has developed an integrated system of innovation management of the order customer founded on the application: » of CAD system and database, in the phase of study and planning of the in demand product; » of a system of MRP type that allows an effective management of the following phase: management materials provisioning - management production - management of store - installation - assistance after sale. Thank you to her tried experience of the own technical staff in the planning and in the realization of the fitting, the society Ventilveneta it is able to guarantee the quality and the reliability of materials employees, the execution, the assemblage and the assistance in the time, the rigorous respect of the norms in environmental subject.

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